Oral Appliances

The EMA® (Elastic Mandibular Advancement) is a custom-made removable intraoral appliance created for noninvasive treatment of snoring and OSA. The appliance is designed to both advance the lower jaw (mandible) and open the bite to allow for less restricted airflow during sleep. The EMA has many options for mandibular patient advancement with 5 strap lengths and 4 different elastic tension options. The appliance does not interfere with breathing through the mouth, even in cases of congested nasal passages. Non-restricted side-to-side (lateral) or front-to-back (protrusive) movements of the jaw are possible while wearing the appliance due to varying elastic bands.

DynaFlex® Laboratory now offers 8 FDA 510 (K) cleared anti-snoring and sleep apnea appliances including the Dynaflex Dorsal, DynaFlex Dorsal Accu-Fit and DynaFlex Dorsal Comfort Fit. The two piece construction allows for patient comfort and lateral jaw movement. The Dorsal fins on the mandibular appliance interface with inclines built into the buccal of the upper appliance to dictate a specific mandibular position. The appliance is traditionally fabricated with adjustable screws in the maxillary appliance to allow for further mandibular advancement. This appliance can be fabricated in a variety of materials including acrylic, dual laminate or thermal splint material. All of these appliances are covered by the Dynaflex “Best Fit Guarantee which assures that they fit first time, every time.

airway metrics
Airway Metrics is a three component system. The primary component consists of a Snore Screener (SS) and 15 Mandibular Positioning Simulators (MPS) housed in a Cassette. The secondary component includes 9 Vertical Titration Keys (VTKs) that will work with any sleep appliance that opens in the anterior such as a Herbst, Dynaflex Dorsal or the Moses. They quickly reveal how much certain anterior/vertical mandibular positions increase the airway and provide a guide for further tuning with the MPS.

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The EMA First Step is a 90-Day Trial appliance for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea that can be made in the dental office with ease. Simple and quick in-office fabrication means dentists can provide their patients with an EMA First Step the very same day. It is inexpensive, a great sales tool for ongoing case acceptance, and can also be used as an interim appliance while restoration work is being completed.

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